About Us

When hospitals are packed with patients whose medical needs range from simple to very serious conditions, your urgent need to have a doctor check on you in the middle of the night becomes a burden and additional discomfort. Home Doctors Brisbane addressed this problem the only way we know how – home doctor visiting service.

Providing medical care efficiently and conveniently

Imagine getting medical care without the hustle and bustle of hospital emergency departments, the hospital-acquired infections you may also get while waiting for your appointment, the waiting time for your doctor, it can go on and on. Now, with Home Doctors Brisbane, you can have a doctor check up on you in the comfort of your home, saving you time, money, and effort.

We have designed a system where urgent medical care may be given to our clients and patients quickly, safely, and effectively. We have employed well-trained medical call center agents who filter and prioritize the calls before relaying information to our on-call doctors. Our focus is to provide you the timeliest medical care, so your call will be triaged. We offer home doctor visit services with after-hours GP Brisbane-based, even during the holidays.

When home doctors in Brisbane are reported to be on their way, patients are recommended to stay in contact with our call agents in order to provide updates and comfort. After the doctor sees you, your diagnosis and other details about your home doctor visit will be sent to your regular GP or family doctor. Privacy is of utmost concern to us and you can rest assured that we will protect your personal information.

Employing the best to be the best

We understand that the honor we are given in serving our patients is vital.  This is why we commit to upholding and maintaining our high level of professionalism and standards at all times.

All our on-call doctors are highly experienced and qualified to provide medical care anytime, anywhere. We work hand-in-hand with your general practitioners and family doctors so that you still get the appropriate medical attention you may need whenever they are unavailable. Our services complement the medical services you get from your family doctors. One of our main goals is to maintain continuous health care and ensure all medical needs of our clients are managed and provided, anytime when their regular GP’s clinics are closed, after clinic hours, during the weekends, or even public holidays.

Our doctors are fully equipped to diagnose and treat most problems, conditions, or injuries for which you find necessary to seek treatment.  They can suture lacerations, provide wound care, arrange hospital admission, provide palliative care, furnish incident reports, and start medications if required. There are even instances where our on-call doctors are required for verification of death.

It is also a part of our goal to provide a dependable, effective, and quality after-hours home doctor service. All our medical providers are aware that every patient’s needs are unique and they will be valued, respected, and considered at all times. This will allow us to serve our patients better and reach their expectations and satisfaction, as well as become the best home doctor service in Brisbane.

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