A house call doctor? One may think, ‘What a luxury if you have one!’. It seems that getting the services of a house call doctor is a bit of an extravagance for some people. It is a way for people to become lazy in getting medical services, some cynics would claim. But why is there really a need for a house call doctor?


Your GP may not always be available

Their office hours may have ended, or their clinics are closed because, hey, even GPs go on vacations! However, if you are in pain or a loved one is, you just need someone to diagnose and relieve the discomfort so you can sleep through the night. This is one of the instances where house call doctors are necessary.


Travelling when in pain is a struggle

Having a bad headache that just won’t go away? Having abdominal pain in the middle of the night? These situations make it hard for anyone to drive and get to the nearest hospital for examination. Having the services of a trustworthy house call doctor gives you the comfort and necessary medical attention conveniently and hassle-free.


Emergency departments are for emergency cases

You may have noticed that emergency rooms in hospitals get jampacked with patients most of the time. The patients who should get medical care in emergency departments of hospitals are the ones with life-threatening conditions. Emergency room doctors tend to patients who need immediate care like stroke or heart attack patients. Can you imagine a patient with a splinter on his finger coming into the emergency room to ask for medical attention alongside critically ill patients? Just because your GP is out does not mean that you have no choice but to go to the nearest hospital’s emergency room. There are many primary care services that you may avail yourself of when your GP is out. You may get help from your friendly neighbourhood house call doctor!



House call doctors coordinate with your GP

Sometimes, your medical condition needs further testing and laboratory results so your diagnosis can be verified. Your responsible house call doctor makes a medical report or summary of your whole consultation and sends it to your GP, so that he is kept in the loop with regard to your present condition. Once you have undergone all the necessary tests, you can now let your GP see them so he can finally give you the correct diagnosis. This is a good testament to the continuity of care that is the primary goal of a home visiting doctor service.


House call doctor services are convenient and bulk-billed

No one wants to be exhausted from going to and from the hospital in the middle of the night for an urgent but not life-threatening consultation, right? Waiting in line inside emergency rooms for simple muscle pain or scratch, or abdominal pain is dreadful and a waste of time. What is more comfortable than getting medical attention in the comfort of your home? Plus, most home visiting doctor services are bulk-billed, so as long as you have Medicare or you are a DVA card holder, your medical appointments need not be bothersome and tiring.


Now that house call doctor services are becoming more and more accepted as an effective way to get urgent medical attention, everyone who is entitled to the said services should utilise its assistance the best way possible. Caring for our health will never be a problem and a hassle now that a house call doctor is always available to cover all our medical needs.

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